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Full Circle

19 Sep

Six years ago, during the fall of my senior year of college, I sat in the office of the professor who was my thesis advisor in tears. The time had come for me to apply to seminary. I still very much felt called to go to seminary and into ministry, but I now wondered if anyone would ever want me, someone with so many questions and doubts, to be their pastor. Besides the more “normal” questions I had, my thesis was on the Neolithic sites of Great Britain, places like Stonehenge and passage tombs. While part of the paper was research on these various sites, the second half developed to become an exploration of the way I connect to these sites and the unknown people who built them and the impact this connection had on my own spiritual journey. I feared a congregation would want me to have it all figured out. As I shared my fears, I remember what my professor, a wonderful woman who would not put herself into any religious box, told me. She told me she had no question that I was called into ministry, and that God would send me to be a pastor to people who had questions and doubts just like I did.


It was this summer, as I had time to pause and reflect, when I realized how much she knew exactly what she was talking about, and that six years later, I am doing exactly that. Now I’m the one who students come to with their questions and doubts, their joys and celebrations, their fears and sadness. Six years ago I did not think I would come out of seminary as a campus minister, but I know right now it is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Maybe there was a bit of a prophetic word in what my professor said to me, but more so, she was able to name and hold my call for me in a moment I needed someone to do that, to remind me that God had made me the person I am, a person who still has questions and doubts.


When I wonder if what I do as a campus minister matters, I’ll now try to remember to go back to my own experiences, and how much the people who were my guides in college helped shape me into who I am now. This professor, my campus minister, and my parents all had important roles to play in supporting me as I became the young woman God was calling me to be. In some ways, it surprised me to reflect this summer and to realize I had come full circle. In other ways, it was not surprising at all, but a reminder of how great the God we serve truly is, who knows where our calls will lead us long before we do. Thanks be to God!


Megan pic for blogRev. Megan LeCluyse is the campus minister for the Christian Association at the University of Pennsylvania. She is excited to be beginning her second year as a campus minister. Having grown up in Arizona, she is enjoying living in Center City Philadelphia, though she has not become a Philly sports fan yet! Megan graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in English, where she also played piccolo in the Pride of Arizona marching band. She then attended Princeton Theological Seminary, where she received both her M.Div. as well as an MA in Christian Education. She loves to bake, and enjoys that the students will gladly eat whatever she makes! She is also fiercely protective of her Tuesday nights – when NCIS is on!