A database and directory of ministries is born

15 Nov

The National Campus Ministry Association, with support from the American Baptist Home Missions Society, proudly announces the new NCMA map directory of campus ministries and chaplaincies and invites everyone to join in this new resource that is badly needed in the field. As the president of the National Campus Ministry Association, I encourage everyone to use this resource and to add your name and ministry to the directory for everyone to see.

For over a dozen years, staff and students alike have struggled to find a way to identify their campus ministry locations and colleagues. But today, no matter your denomination or faith tradition, the wait it finally over. All campus ministers and chaplains are being asked to add their name to the directory as we build the most comprehensive database of professionals and ministries in years.

Because of the special support of the American Baptist Home Missions Society, this resource comes to everyone free of charge. Even nonmembers of NCMA will be able to use the mapping feature of the directory to find and interact with colleagues across the country. Students will also be able to find your ministry and connect with you upon arrival at school, even for campus visits as they are deciding which school to attend.

For our NCMA members, a printable and downloadable directory is being developed from the information that is gathered. Members will be able to download this content directly and will be able to even request certain samples of the directory, including single denomination directories. The comprehensive directory will identify (hopefully) all campus ministry and chaplaincy positions in the United States and will be frequently updated. If you are not a member of NCMA, we welcome you to join us and to benefit from our mentoring programs, our reduced rate for national conferences, our online resources, a soon-to-be “brown bag lunch” resource now in development, and our regional conferences, coming soon to your neck of the woods.

You are a professional.  The NCMA has heard you and wishes to support your work in the field. This directory is a major step in helping to identify the current issues in higher education ministry as well as the opportunities that can happen only through communication and collaboration with all our colleagues across all denominations and faith traditions. Today is the day to join the directory. And today is the day to tell all your colleagues to do the same. As Eboo Patel says, we’re better together. And together is what we need to be today.

J. Cody Nielsen, NCMA President



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