Capturing October

16 Oct

October is my favorite months of the year.  Its blend of colors and coolness make for the perfect time of the year to be outside.   In fact, one of my favorite get-a-ways was a quick four day trip to Vermont to see the colors while I was in seminary.  But I often miss October because of the work schedule of being a campus minister. So this year, I’ve dedicated myself to taking at least two days to just drive up to northern Minnesota and see colors.

I feel like capturing October is a microcosm of my life.  Perhaps it is similar for you.  The question of how to make sure to enjoy and embrace the seasons is always something we can miss because of our work.  So how are you enjoying your fall?  Have you found yourself stopping and enjoying the colors, sitting in silence as the fall chill kisses your cheeks or blowing in your hair?  Or have you been sitting in your office or in meetings so much that you have missed it?

I think asking these kinds of questions are first about figuring out often I’ve taken a Sabbath, but secondly about my mental health.  If you are ever burned out like I tend to get, it becomes important to mentally figure out what gives you new life.  Maybe it’s not the outdoors, as some of you live in areas where being outdoors can be burdensome or simply there is little to see.  Maybe you really enjoy reading in your favorite coffee shop.  In this case, ask yourself, have you had your latte today?

No matter what it is, October to me feels like the time when we can mostly transition from the busy-ness of the beginning of the year into a more stable schedule.  I see people all the time with facebook and gmail status’ like “running around like crazy” and “too busy to talk.”  But we can stop and get settled into a rhythm.  Mine starts by being outside during the fall.  What makes your heart sing during October?

Cody Nielsen is the United Methodist Campus Minister at the University of Minnesota. In addition to his role in the twin cities, Cody serves as the NCMA President and works to rebuild the field of higher education ministry one campus at a time.  His wife Erin is a teacher and Buttercup, a 18 month old Golden Retriever makes sure students are greeting with enthusiasm and joy every time they enter the campus ministry.  He is available at almost any time and would love to hear from you @



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