Renewed and Revitalized

1 Oct

The NCMA bloggers have been silent for a quite a while.  Tied up with beginning of the school year, our bloggers have taken a break to tend to their own ministries.  But as the year moves into October, the NCMA bloggers is coming back with a new look and many many new blogs for everyone to get excited about.  We’ve got new bloggers along with old.  We’ve got new ideas that will inspire you and new plans for the National Campus Ministry Association coming that will help you to find support and get connected.  It’s time to start getting excited and expect big things.  Because they are coming.

Right now, it’s a good time to invite your colleagues into relationship with this blog.  Tell people (just post it on your facebook wall or send a quick email to a group of colleagues).  If you yourself are willing to write, please email Cody at j.cody.nielsen@gmail right now and he’ll receive blogs from you.  Are you ready?  We hope so.  Because it’s time to get connected and get ready for new blogs on the NCMA bloggers website.


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