Live from Global Conference of Chaplains at Yale University

26 Jun

Good morning followers of the NCMA blog.  We’ve been silent for a few weeks as we get ready to retool for the coming year.  Starting next week, our blog moves to a more manageable to read 3 times a week (Tue-Thurs) so we are hoping that you are going to read it and stay up with it.  It’s a good time to invite colleagues to join the reading list.  It’s also a good time to join the NCMA if you haven’t paid for the year.

This week I will be reporting from the Global Chaplains Conference here at Yale University in New Haven, CT where 456 campus minsters and chaplains have gathered throughout the week.

This past evening, the conference was opened with a lively presentation by Eboo Patel, Founder of the Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago.  Many of you have heard Eboo speak before, and yesterday’s talk highlighted many of the previous things Eboo has said, but this time his emphasis included more conversation on how IFYC can be supportive of the work of chaplains and campus ministers on the university settings.

Overall, it seems the conference will be a huge success, with many conversations happening across faith traditions, geographic locations, and even theological interests.  With over 400 people, there are almost unlimited possibilities.

Check in as we go throughout the week for pictures and updates from the NCMA blog and remember that starting next week, the blog moves back into action as we start our 3 times per week adventure and continue to provide more information for the field of higher education ministry.


Cody Nielsen

NCMA blog manager and President

One Response to “Live from Global Conference of Chaplains at Yale University”

  1. Bruce Chapman June 26, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

    Looking forward to the blog’s reawakening, Cody. Thanks!

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